Demolition to get underway at Poynders Parade & Clarence Crescent

Metropolitan Thames Valley Housing and Countryside Properties have written to local residents today to advise them demolition works will shortly be starting at Poynders Parade and Clarence Crescent. The letter outlines the arrangements for the demolition and subsequent construction. Work will start on-site at 8am each day, Monday to Saturday.

MTVH and Countryside have pledged to keep disruption to a minimum but have provided contact details should residents need to get in touch or complain. We would also encourage residents to get in touch with us the councillors if there are issues we can raise with Metropolitan, Countryside or Lambeth Council.

The letter is reproduced below in image and text formats.

Monday 3rd October 2022

Dear Residents and near Neighbours of Clapham Park,

We are writing to you as we are reaching an exciting point in the programme for the Clapham Park project. This week (Monday 3rd October 2022), our contractor will start preparing the site for demolition. This will mean you are likely to see workers on site as well as key equipment being delivered.

We will be starting with demolition at Poynders Parade and Clarence Crescent, which will make way for 500 new homes, a new multi-use games area and open space. The map below illustrates the locations of the forthcoming sites where construction will be taking place over the coming months and the proposed location of the main site office set up.

What we are doing to minimise disruption for our neighbours:

  • The normal working hours during construction will be 08:00 to 18:00 hours Monday to Friday and 08:00 to 13:00 hours Saturdays. No Sunday or Bank Holiday working will occur unless by agreement.
  • All working areas will be kept in a clean and tidy condition daily.
  • Office, stores, and workshop areas will be non-smoking. Specific areas within the temporary construction compounds will be equipped with containers for smoking waste.
  • Site accesses, accesses to site compounds and roads in the vicinity of site access points will be inspected weekly and maintained and kept clean as required.
  • Waste will be managed effectively and in accordance with current legislation and best practice.
  • Deliveries and traffic movement will be kept minimal and use main roads as much as practicable.
  • We will ensure that Construction Traffic Routing Signs are in place, prior to works starting, and that these are maintained in good and clean condition throughout the duration of the works.
  • Low emission vehicles will be used and any plant equipment will be fitted with catalysts, diesel particulate filters, or similar devices, where practicable.
  • All vehicles will comply with exhaust emission regulations for their class.
  • Mechanical road sweepers will be used on public roads at road crossings, construction compounds and other works accesses, to keep roads clear of tracked out mud.
  • We will monitor dust emissions daily. In the event that visible dust emissions cross sensitive site boundaries works will be suspended immediately until conditions change and / or dust suppression is implemented.
  • Only plant conforming to relevant national, EU or international standards and directives, will be used.
  • Loading/unloading areas will be located away from residential properties and shielded from properties where practicable

To maintain the above working hours, there may be occasions when we will require a period of up to one hour before and one hour after normal working hours to start up and close down activities. Our approach will be to ensure minimal disruption to our neighbours and this has been agreed with Lambeth Council.

As a reminder, we had to close the post box on Poynders Parade, your nearest remaining post boxes are therefore situated at Thornton Road and Atkins Road. The multi-use games area also had to be closed, for the meantime, as a brand new one will be delivered within the finished development. The Sport England basketball court within the Cube and the games area on New Park Road and Agnes Riley Gardens remain open to the public.

Finally, we do appreciate that the construction will create change in your neighbourhood and we would like to thank you for your understanding during this time. Our neighbours are extremely important to us. With that in mind, if you have any matters you would like to raise regarding the work being carried out, then please contact and one of our experienced team will get back to you.

Kind regards,

The MTVH and Countryside Team

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