About Clapham Park

Clapham Park is a ward of the London Borough of Lambeth, stretching from the border with Wandsworth near Clapham South to Brixton Hill.

It covers the Clapham Park Estate on either side of the South Circular.

See a map of Clapham Park ward

The ward includes:

  • Several schools and nurseries, including Harris Clapham and La Retraite secondaries, Richard Atkins, Glenbrook, St Bernadette’s and Iqra at primary level and Maytree Nursery & Children’s Centre.
  • Knights Youth Centre is based on Streatham Place.
  • The Clapham Park Estate is a major estate managed by Metropolitan & Thames Valley Housing, with a major masterplan for regeneration.
  • The other larger housing estates are Saxby Road, Dumbarton Court, the Clarence Avenue estates, the Weir Estate and Poynders Gardens.
  • Parks and green spaces include Agnes Riley Gardens.
  • A range of churches, places for Islamic worship and community centres, including the Cube on King’s Avenue.
  • Pubs – the Hand in Hand and the Sultan on New Park Road.
  • Shopping parades on Brixton Hill, New Park Road and King’s Avenue