Demolition to get underway at Poynders Parade & Clarence Crescent

Metropolitan Thames Valley Housing and Countryside Properties have written to local residents today to advise them demolition works will shortly be starting at Poynders Parade and Clarence Crescent. The letter outlines the arrangements for the demolition and subsequent construction. Work will start on-site at 8am each day, Monday to Saturday.

MTVH and Countryside have pledged to keep disruption to a minimum but have provided contact details should residents need to get in touch or complain. We would also encourage residents to get in touch with us the councillors if there are issues we can raise with Metropolitan, Countryside or Lambeth Council.

The letter is reproduced below in image and text formats.

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Save the 45 bus!

Martin & Verity campaigning for the 45

This morning our councillors Verity McGivern and Martin Tiedemann were out talking to bus users in Clapham Park about the proposed Tory bus cuts that would mean the 45 bus completely withdrawn!

As well as removing the crucial 45 that connects Clapham Park to Brixton, King’s College Hospital and Elephant & Castle, the proposals also further reduce capacity down Brixton Hill, making it harder for our residents to get a bus to Brixton.

Map of Lambeth – blue areas are 1km or less from a tube or train station

We oppose any cuts to bus services, which are relied upon by London’s most marginalised and all of us facing increased costs. But buses are essential here – the part of Lambeth furthest away from any tube or train station. Check out the map, with most of Clapham Park in the white area >1km from a station. And that’s before hundreds of new homes are built on the Clapham Park Estate.

Clapham Park needs buses more than anywhere else!

Clapham Park also has a large Latin American community. Cutting the 45 means no direct link for our residents to the Latinx businesses at Elephant & Castle. ¡Salvemos el autobus 45!

So help us fight these Tory bus cuts and tell Transport for London why you need the 45 and all the other bus services to keep running. Have your say at and sign the Lambeth Labour petition at

For more on why the Mayor of London and TfL have been forced by the Conservative government to put forward these unacceptable cuts, check out Sadiq’s explainer:

Improving waste collection for residents living above parades of shops

We Love Brixton Hill & Acre Lane

Following requests for help from residents living above shopping parades on New Park Road and Brixton Hill, Councillor Martin Tiedemann asked a question at last night’s Council meeting and secured renewed commitment from the Cabinet Member to address those concerns.

We will be following this issue up and ensuring that the new system, including daily collection, is rolled out to New Park Road as soon as possible and a suitable location found for the recycling bins.

13. Councillor Martin Tiedemann

To: Cabinet Member for Environment and Clean Air, Councillor Claire Holland

Residents in Brixton Hill are experiencing problems with waste collection where they live above shopping parades, particularly New Park Road. Can the cabinet member review the provision for refuse and recycling in these instances and see if a more effective approach can be taken?

Party: Labour

Answer: Lambeth has in recent years taken a number of steps forward successfully to…

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Clapham Park Masterplan to be unveiled this week

We Love Brixton Hill & Acre Lane

In January, Metropolitan Housing held the second round of consultation events on the Clapham Park ‘masterplan’. Residents spent time designing their ideal community hub, new buildings, open spaces and streets at the interactive workshops.

Following the creative workshops, Metropolitan will be unveiling the masterplan for the first time at drop-in events on Saturday 25 March 11am to 3pm and Thursday 30 March 3pm to 8pm. Both events will be held at the Pop-up Shop, next to Sainsbury’s on King’s Avenue SW4 8EU. You still have time to influence the final masterplan so please go and let them know what you think.

The latest edition of the newsletter @claphampark is now available and information can be found on their website

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Question to Council regarding road safety and 20mph enforcement

We Love Brixton Hill & Acre Lane

File 29-01-2017, 22 07 16.pngAt last week’s full Council, Cllr Martin Tiedemann was able to put down a written question concerning road safety in Brixton Hill. He addressed enforcement of 20mph, rat runs and speeding through the area and unsafe pedestrian crossings, especially the zebra crossing on Kings Avenue. The cabinet member gave a comprehensive response.

At the meeting, Martin was able to follow this up with an oral question, where he raised the New Park Road safety scheme. Cllr Tiedemann thanked the Council for completing the scheme and asked for monitoring to ensure it was doing its job and ensuring safety for residents and the pupils of Richard Atkins Primary School. Cllr Brathwaite was able to assure us that monitoring is indeed taking place and results would be shared soon.

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Incredible community support for injured Lyham Road shopkeeper

We Love Brixton Hill & Acre Lane

6628581_1446558648.7178Last month the shopkeeper at the corner shop on Lyham Road was shot in the face with a pellet gun during an armed robbery. The victim was taken to hospital where he was treated for numerous wounds to his face. Some of the pellets lodged in his eyes and he will require further surgery to remove the pellets and save his sight.

Councillors Garden and Tiedemann visited the shop the next day to offer support to the family and the police continue to appeal for witnesses with CCTV images. But Lyham Road residents have come together to organise an incredible show of community support with a crowdfunded campaign that has raised over £1,500 for the shopkeeper.

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