Demolition to get underway at Poynders Parade & Clarence Crescent

Metropolitan Thames Valley Housing and Countryside Properties have written to local residents today to advise them demolition works will shortly be starting at Poynders Parade and Clarence Crescent. The letter outlines the arrangements for the demolition and subsequent construction. Work will start on-site at 8am each day, Monday to Saturday.

MTVH and Countryside have pledged to keep disruption to a minimum but have provided contact details should residents need to get in touch or complain. We would also encourage residents to get in touch with us the councillors if there are issues we can raise with Metropolitan, Countryside or Lambeth Council.

The letter is reproduced below in image and text formats.

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Save the 45 bus!

Martin & Verity campaigning for the 45

This morning our councillors Verity McGivern and Martin Tiedemann were out talking to bus users in Clapham Park about the proposed Tory bus cuts that would mean the 45 bus completely withdrawn!

As well as removing the crucial 45 that connects Clapham Park to Brixton, King’s College Hospital and Elephant & Castle, the proposals also further reduce capacity down Brixton Hill, making it harder for our residents to get a bus to Brixton.

Map of Lambeth – blue areas are 1km or less from a tube or train station

We oppose any cuts to bus services, which are relied upon by London’s most marginalised and all of us facing increased costs. But buses are essential here – the part of Lambeth furthest away from any tube or train station. Check out the map, with most of Clapham Park in the white area >1km from a station. And that’s before hundreds of new homes are built on the Clapham Park Estate.

Clapham Park needs buses more than anywhere else!

Clapham Park also has a large Latin American community. Cutting the 45 means no direct link for our residents to the Latinx businesses at Elephant & Castle. ¡Salvemos el autobus 45!

So help us fight these Tory bus cuts and tell Transport for London why you need the 45 and all the other bus services to keep running. Have your say at and sign the Lambeth Labour petition at

For more on why the Mayor of London and TfL have been forced by the Conservative government to put forward these unacceptable cuts, check out Sadiq’s explainer: